Io-Tahoe: Unleashing the Power of Smart Data Discovery

Oksana Sokolovsky, CEO
Data continues to grow at an exponential rate and is inarguably the most important and lucrative business asset (in addition to employees, of course). Many organizations seek data discovery solutions so they can truly understand their data and ultimately leverage value from it because the challenge of data management is relentless.

This experience resonates with, Oksana Sokolovsky, an astute entrepreneur in the Enterprise Information Management (EIM) arena, who serves as CEO of Io- Tahoe. Having led IT organizations at some of the world’s largest investment banks, the need for data discovery was always at the heart of key projects, ranging from mergers to system migrations. Consequently, the desire to streamline processes, in order to solve complex data challenges was the catalyst which led to the genesis of Io-Tahoe. While many organizations continue to access the value from data stored across multiple repositories, databases, legacy systems, and lakes, the demand for real-time analytics, agility, and security for gaining business value from data has spawned the need for a unified and integrated solution.

Io-Tahoe solves the challenge of automated data discovery across a heterogeneous landscape often found in large enterprises (relational databases and data lakes). A wholly owned subsidiary of Centrica plc., Io-Tahoe provides smart data discovery solutions that enable companies to discover meaningful information about their data and the implied data relationships through a unique set of machine learning algorithms. “When an organization truly understands its information, only then can it achieve its broader strategic objectives. This is precisely what Io-Tahoe assists clients with,” states Mike Young, Centrica’s Group CIO.

By leveraging its recently acquired Rokitt Astra technology, Io-Tahoe’s smart data discovery solution enables clients to streamline and manage data across multiple structured databases. The self-service functionality and ease of use for non-technical users present a whole host of intangible benefits, including cost efficiencies. “Our unique process of identifying data relationships through analysis puts us in a new category of smart data discovery,” says Sokolovsky.

Io-Tahoe’s data discovery process comprises relationship discovery, tracking how data flows from system to system, sensitive data discovery, impact analysis and redundant data analysis.

Our unique process of identifying data relationships through analysis puts us in a new category of smart data discovery

To begin with, Io-Tahoe works with all relational databases like Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, DB2, Teradata and more, to analyze metadata and the data itself, and to identify implied and not easily discoverable relationships between the data elements. Io-Tahoe finds primary and foreign key relationships that are not easily accessible via metadata and often require subject matter experts to identify them. With in-depth data analytics and permutations, Io-Tahoe analyzes data elements and their relationships, and creates a view of data elements’ dependencies, flows and connections. This in turn enables many possibilities for the enterprise, such as improved data governance, data quality and data analytics. Further, with the help of robust reporting and data visualization features, Io-Tahoe ensures that customers understand the data and relationships clearly to make smarter decisions, reduce liability and risks, increase revenue opportunities, adhere to regulatory compliance, and ensure effective data governance.

Built around the common regulatory and compliance challenges faced by organizations, Io-Tahoe has the governance capability that ensures organizations are well-aware of the data they have and where it is stored. This enables enterprises to address regulatory requirements such as the European Union (EU) GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), Dodd-Frank, Basel III and CCAR (Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review). The product also performs impact analysis and redundant data analysis to provide continuous monitoring in regards to metadata changes.

Incorporating such capabilities, Io- Tahoe is working with customers across a range of sectors including financial services, energy and utilities. In addition to continued product innovation, the company’s future includes global expansion, starting with the UK and across Europe.


New York, NY

Oksana Sokolovsky, CEO

Pioneer in machine learning driven smart data discovery solutions that span data lakes and relational databases