Next Decade Enterprise Information Technology Is Different!
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Next Decade Enterprise Information Technology Is Different!

Clark Golestani, EVP & CIO, Merck
Clark Golestani, EVP & CIO, Merck

Clark Golestani, EVP & CIO, Merck

The biggest challenge in technology to meet enterprise needs in 2013

The big challenge is shifting from scale towards differentiation. This will require an innovation agenda and a shifting portfolio: from divisional (or line of business) programs towards enterprise integration, from process-based productivity towards information-based productivity, from firm-centric capabilities towards customer-centric capabilities, and from bottomline growth opportunities to top-line growth opportunities. Established technology providers are developing new offerings to meet the demands of enterprise customers, while new entrants are challenging the traditional model with a new lens and new cost structures. It is safe to say that enterprise information technology of the next decade will be very different from the recent past.

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