Top 20 Enterprise Information Management– 2018 Tech Companies - 2018

Top 20 Enterprise Information Management– 2018 Tech Companies - 2018

Enterprise Information Management (EIM) is the combined power of analytics or business intelligence and content management. Large companies often have separate applications for each of these segments, and EIM seeks to combine them in a more integrated way to remove silos. Organizations that are developing EIM strategies and capabilities are focused on reducing costs and improving efficiencies. The major growth drivers for the EIM market are increase in unstructured data, new regulations, rise in cloud computing, upsurge in big data analytics, and organizational drivers such as customer services, marketing opportunities, process improvement, and fraud detection. Moreover, most organizations are under pressure to ensure complete data security, along with reduced costs and improved efficiency. This has prompted businesses to adopt cloud-based information management infrastructure as it has benefits such as low cost with minimal IT infrastructure support, rapid and predictable implementation, automatic and seamless upgrades, and ease of leveraging cloud‐based data across organizations.

The growing need for real-time reporting is a significant trend anticipated to propel the EIM market in the coming years. Changes in business models and increased mobility in terms of workforce and device management have a major impact on the reporting process of organizations. Analytics and reporting have become an essential part of data management to get meaningful insights into the company and customer data. This helps administrators to not only analyze content but also monitor and control the accessibility of content from remote locations. The global EIM market is highly competitive with many niche players foraying into the market space with innovative products. The established vendors are facing stiff competition from new entrants across different categories and the competition among the vendors is expected to further intensify with several mergers and acquisitions and market consolidation. Keeping that in mind, CIOReview has chartered out top 20 companies offering tailor-made and efficient EIM solutions.

We present to you “20 Most Promising Enterprise Information Management Solution Providers–2018.”

Company Name

Company Description

Achieve Internet Provides enterprise-level software solutions to assist in the digital transformation
Alethix Provides Information Infrastructure Transformation Services to assist clients resolve their most complex challenges
Datasource Consulting Provides specialized services for in Enterprise Data Management, Data Integration and Business Intelligence (BI)
Deltek Provides enterprise software and information solutions that offer superior levels of project intelligence, management and collaboration
EidosMedia Provides a Content services platform to organizations across industries including media, Financial Services Research, public sector, and life sciences
GlassIG Provides cost effective, easy to use and scalable Information Governance solutions to customers from small and medium businesses, up to multinational corporations
Hyland Software Provides software solutions for managing content, processes and cases for organizations across the globe
iMiDiA Provides services to help manage, deliver, and analyze the explosion of information
Io-Tahoe Pioneer in machine learning driven smart data discovery solutions that span data lakes and relational databases
IQBG Provides enterprise information management solutions to highly regulated industries and the public sector
M-Files Provides a next generation intelligent information management platform that improves business performance
Northern Apex Provides and connects software and hardware solutions for better information management
OpenText A market leader in Enterprise Information Management software and solutions that improve business insight and enables intelligent, connected enterprises
Orchestra Networks Provides a software solution that lets users manage, govern and share any and all data assets
PD Command A product Information management platform for more effective e-commerce
Pimcore Provides data management and experience management solutions to build highly converting, consistent, contextual digital experiences
Profisee Offers full-featured enterprise master data management platform with the lowest total cost of ownership, without sacrificing on functionality
Reltio Offers a master data management platform that organizes enterprise data for digital transformation
Salsify Offers a product experience management solution that enables brand manufacturers to constantly enhance customer experience and maximize sales performance on the digital shelf
Stibo Systems Provides a master data management solution that empowers companies to unlock the strategic value of their master data